Meet our Digital Marketing Team

We help you create more cash in your business with less chaos through customized marketing plans and implementation for your small business.

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Bespoke Digital Marketing

Ready for stress-free growth?

Ok… be honest.

Do you feel personally attacked trying to figure out your website?

Or totally lost when trying to come up with what to post on social media (maybe you just gave up on posting all together at this point)? 

Does email marketing make you look like that meme of the confused woman with the math symbols floating around her head?

I feel you.

But ya know how every pickle hating person has a pickle loving friend who takes that pickle off the plate for them?

We are your pickle lover. (really trying to resist adding in a “that’s what she said” and failing…)

Let us take allll those pickles off your plate. (unless you love pickles, then you can insert your fav metaphor here.)

We have a combined 20+ years in marketing and design on our team, and we love what we do. You know how your signature offer in your business gives you so much joy to deliver to people? Because it is truly life-changing? 

That’s how we feel about this work, and we are honored to help small businesses boom.

Our team of experts

Hey. We're Morgan and Mike. The people behind Pleasant View Media.

Morgan Battista

Morgan has over a decade of experience in sales and marketing. She's helped dozens of business owners bring in thousands of leads and hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales.

Michael Battista

Mike is our graphic design pro with all things Photoshop. He's spent the last ten years designing for hundreds of businesses of all sizes across the US. 

What we will deliver for you​

We offer three types of services. 

✅ Done for you marketing systems like email marketing funnels and websites. We set them up, train you on how to maintain and optimize, then you’re off!

✅ Continuous marketing services like social media management so you don’t have to think about when/what/where to post. We create the strategy as well as any scripts or content ideas we need to film (if your face is the brand), and we do the editing, captions, and posting.

✅ If you’re a DIY’er, we got options for you too. We offer marketing strategy packages where we map out your goals and the way you’re going to get there plus ongoing support.

Step 1

Schedule a chat. It’s a no-pressure, mutual assessment.

Step 2

Onboarding. Complete our questionnaire and send the required details.

Step 3

Delivery. We usually wrap up within 10 days of onboarding.

It's not just you... most business owners are overwhelmed marketing their products and services.

Why does marketing feel like an iceberg?

You think you get it and then realize you’re just at the tip and there’s this whole world lurking beneath the surface.

There’s a lot to learn and understand.

But with the right systems and strategies you with cut down on how long it takes to flourish.

You and your business deserve to hit those goals you've been reaching for...

You’re passionate about what you do.

You love your customers, and there’s something deep inside you telling you to keep going even when it gets hard. 

But the question is… 

Do you want it to keep being hard, or do you want to hit the easy button and grow faster with less effort?

Click the button below and book your free call to see if we are good fit to work together. 


Right now, you're doing it all (even the things that aren't your zone of genius).

Let's take some of that off your plate and grow your business at the same time.

What you’re currently doing in your marketing got you to where you are now, but if you want to make the big leap to the next level, it’s gonna take a new approach.

We help you bridge the gap from hustling to reach your goals to having the marketing systems in place to see the consistent (and bigger) sales you know you’re capable of.