Digital Marketing for Small Business

Customized marketing plans designed so you can spend more time doing what you love, instead of feeling overwhelmed by your marketing.

You feel like you’re *this close* to the business of your dreams but…

All the tech is confusing… Algorithms are algorithming…

There’s always a new hoop to jump through to get eyeballs on your business.


Do you need a sales funnel (Instagram Post (Square))

The clients you’re attracting are just in alignment for you…

Or you’ll get a lead but then they just ghost.

You’re ready to be the cool, calm, and collected business owner who *knows the money is coming in on autopilot.

But you can’t get out of the cycle of chasing leads and scrambling for sales.

But what if…

What if you had a marketing system that brought in a steady flow of leads and sales. 


So you could go back to enjoying the business you built.


Maybe even close your laptop at 3pm and take a leisurely walk outside instead of feeling glued to your desk until your head hits the pillow.

Our marketing strategies and systems are designed for coaches, consultants, and service providers who are ready to glow up from making “ok” money to consistent 5-figure+ months with less stress.


Social Media

Grow your social media presence, and turn those followers into leads and dollars with our proven organic and paid strategies.

marketing agency for small business

Web design

Finally ready to create that gorgeous and professional website that CONVERTS viewers into leads? 


Email Marketing

Start bringing in those leads you’re generating from your social media strategy and nurture them for sales.

I wanted a team that would take on funnel building as if it were their own and Pleasant View Media did.  What shocked me was how Ninja quick Morgan is and she always figures things out until we get it right.  

She gave my funnels, website, copywriting, social media feed, and everything we did a strong pulse.  

I love her strong communication skills and she always voices her opinion on what’s gonna convert the best.   

If there’s an issue she’s responsive to fix it and here for the long game (not the short game).   

She’s all about functionality and conversions not just a pretty flashy funnel or site. What I wish I had known years ago, before spending tens of thousands of dollars on websites, copywriters, and funnels that just sat there with no ROI.  

I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars on hiring out and a lot of people talk and can’t deliver, but this lady is the Ninja Executer!  I’d give her an Infinity star Review.

Let’s talk about how this works…


Let’s chat.

Set up a call, and we can talk about your business, and your needs. Then we can let you know which of our services is the best first, or create a custom proposal for you.



Once you’re ready to go we will send you all the onboarding information, a contract, and an invoice. Once you send back all the info we can get started!


We Deliver.

As soon as we get all onboarding documents we can get started on the work! 

Meet the team...

IMG_9123 2 Small

Morgan Battista


Morgan has over a decade of experience in sales and marketing. She’s helped dozens of business owners bring in more leads and sales with optimized web design, digital ads, branding, social media strategy, and email marketing funnels.

Mike Battista


Mike is our graphic design genius and a pro with all things Photoshop. He’s spent the last nearly ten years designing for businesses of all sizes. Mike has designed artwork for hundreds of businesses across the US. 

what our clients have to say:

Morgan is the best content writer I have ever worked with. I can always count on her to deliver high-quality content that gets results. She is a true professional when it comes to meeting deadlines and prompt communication. It’s refreshing to find someone who pays such close attention to the details when it comes to following instructions and delivering exactly what I was looking for. I’m so thankful to be working with a writer so clearly dedicated to their clients and their work.
Elizbeth Voyles
Elizbeth Voyles
I’ve been an online business coach for 10 years and Morgan is my go-to virtual assistant recommendation for online business owners. Morgan has worked with my clients to support them in writing copy, technical aspects like funnel builds, and helps implement strategies to grow the business. If you’re looking for a reliable person to support your growing online business, hire Morgan!

Kimra Luna
Riot Doll Society
Morgan was able to get me super cheap leads, effective Facebook and Instagram ads that brought in perfect clients, that I've used year after year and continue to create excellent results. Morgan is down-to-earth, great copywriter and designer, great to work with, very responsive and all around lovely energy. I've passed along her name to so many people!

Dana Skoglund
Ayurveda Coach and Yoga Instructor

If you’re reading this, I bet you ARE successful, and love the work you do. 

You probably dreamed of this moment when you were still stuck in a 9-5.

But you’re ready to go from a bootstrapping entrepreneur to an empire building business owner.

What you’re currently doing in your marketing go you to where you are now, but if you want to make the big leap to the next level, it’s gonna take a new approach.

We help you bridge the gap from hustling to reach your goals to having the marketing systems in place to see the consistent (and bigger) sales you know you’re capable of.


Click the button below and choose a time and day that works for you so we can get started. 

Why choose Pleasant View Media?

Hey. It’s me, Morgan. 

If you’re a service provider like a coach, consultant, or provide another type of service, whether local or online… let’s chat.

I’ve been working with service based businesses on their online marketing for almost a decade now. 

Have you been scrolling TikTok or IG and feel like you see all these other people seem to have overnight success, and you’re being consistent, adding value, but your bank account still feels light as a feather and follow feels stiff as a board.


I feel you comparing yourself to everyone else. I know because I’ve been there. It’s hard not to feel lost in this digital world where people only share their wins.