Launch your offer ASAP

…so you can get out of hustle-mode and start enjoying making money in your business.

Feel like you're *this close* to the business of your dreams?

You've got the vision board done, you know what you want to offer but...

😿 All the tech is confusing… which platforms should you use anyway???

⏰ You’re already overwhelmed or overbooked with clients, and don’t have time to figure it all out on your own.

🌼 You know you need help, but don’t even know where to start.



πŸ’› Grow your business without growing your to-do list.

πŸ’› Actually make money on autopilot with marketing systems that keep going even when you sleep (or finally take that vacation).

πŸ’› Feel confident and like a real boss in your business instead of scrambling and frazzled.

πŸ’› Launch that course without the crippling anxiety?

Then you need ...


hey. I'm Morgan.

I’ve been helping entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants launch their courses for almost 10 years. 

And there are a 3 things I’ve seen hold people back from scaling and launching their offers: 

πŸ’Ÿ Automating your sales funnel takes a lot of work and expertise most people don’t have. 

I mean helloooo… you didn’t start your business because you love writing sales pages and making sure automation triggers are set up, right?

πŸ’Ÿ Even if you DID know how to and loved setting all that backend stuff up… you’re already swamped with the clients and offers you have now.

πŸ’Ÿ And don’t forget about the imposter syndrome and self-doubt that creeps in whenever you think about scaling or launching new offers. 

Let's go ahead and check launching off your goal list.

Launch-A-Palooza includes all you need to launch your offer, including:

OK, here is the plan.

Step 1

Click the button below and set up a free consult so we can get to know each other and see if we are good fit to work together.

Step 2

Once you complete your invoice and contract, I'll send you a comprehensive questionnaire to fill out before our 90-minute strategy session.

Step 3

I will create then entire sales funnel for your within 2 weeks. Then I will send it to you to review followed up with one round of edits to make sure it's perfect.

I wanted a team that would take on funnel building as if it were their own and Pleasant View Media did.  What shocked me was how Ninja quick Morgan is and she always figures things out until we get it right.  

She gave my funnels, website, copywriting, social media feed, and everything we did a strong pulse.  

She’s all about functionality and conversions not just a pretty flashy funnel or site. 

I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars on hiring out and a lot of people talk and can’t deliver, but this lady is the Ninja Executer!  I’d give her an infinity star review.

Can we have some real talk quick?

Where will you be in 6 months if you keep putting this off?

Most of the business owners I’ve known have been successful for one reason: they didn’t give up. (and had a killer automated sales funnel too)


Most of the ones I know who quit also did it for one reason: they got burned out.

When you keep wearing all the hats, doing all the things, and not getting the breaks you need because you’re afraid to take your foot off the gas for a sec… you burn out.

Please don’t let this be you.

You can keep on putting your goals and dreams on the back burner and stay stuck where you are…


You can launch what you’ve been dreaming of and start bringing in money that doesn’t require so much hands-on work from you.

Let's give a quick recap:

Your choice is to:Β 

😿 Stay overwhelmed, and never reach the heights you know you are capable of.


πŸ™Œ Bring in more money with less effort in your business, while handing off the parts of your business that don’t bring you joy.

love from clients:

Morgan is the best content writer I have ever worked with. I can always count on her to deliver high-quality content that gets results. She is a true professional when it comes to meeting deadlines and prompt communication. It’s refreshing to find someone who pays such close attention to the details when it comes to following instructions and delivering exactly what I was looking for. I’m so thankful to be working with a writer so clearly dedicated to their clients and their work.
Elizbeth Voyles
Elizbeth Voyles
I’ve been an online business coach for 10 years and Morgan is my go-to recommendation for online business owners. Morgan has worked with my clients to support them in writing copy, technical aspects like funnel builds, and helps implement strategies to grow the business. If you’re looking for a reliable person to support your growing online business, hire Morgan!
Kimra Luna
Riot Doll Society
Morgan was able to get me super cheap leads that brought in perfect clients, that I've used year after year and continue to create excellent results. Morgan is down-to-earth, great copywriter and designer, great to work with, very responsive and all around lovely energy. I've passed along her name to so many people!
Dana Skoglund
Ayurveda Coach and Yoga Instructor

OK friend... time to make a choice.

Let's get you

(without the stress and anxiety.)